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Point Of Grace Church International

Sundays - 12:30 PM - 3771 Floyd Road, Marietta - GA



• I live in great expectation.

• I walk in great expectation.

• I seed in great expectation …

For my family,

For my pastor’s family,

For my church family.

• I live in the 3 flows - Miracles, Money & Business.

I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, 

so I am blessed everywhere I go!

I am the head and NOT the tail, above and not beneath, 

the lender not the borrower.

My body is blessed, healed and whole.

My finances are blessed, healed and whole.

My family is blessed, healed and whole.

I HAVE AUTHORITY. The enemy is under my feet and 

I have all power over him.

• I have received the commandment of blessings

• and God has blessed,

• and it cannot be reversed!

The City of Grace is a reality Here & NOW!